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Getting Started with ACP Edge


ACP Edge is a self-serve campaign management platform that allows advertisers to manage user acquisition efforts with Fyber’s Offer Wall.

It allows advertisers to easily adjust their bids according to the quality of the results generated by each country and source - all under a single campaign.

Flexible and customizable, advertisers can change bids easily according to their optimization efforts and goals. Localized content is supported in the country where an app is localized while enjoying the benefits of micro bidding.

Logging In to ACP Edge

To begin setting up your campaign, navigate to the ACP Edge login page and login to your account.

Once you are logged in, the main dashboard opens.

Dashboard Menu Options

There are several options available on the left side menu.

Add OfferOpens the Add Offer window providing the options to create a new offer on ACP Edge
DashboardDisplays all existing products and offers that have been configured
Edge ReportsOpens Offer Wall Edge Reporting
AccountDisplays your account details
UsersOpens the User Management window. Click Add User to add additional users to your account with different roles.

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Getting Started with ACP Edge

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