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Setting Up Rewarded Actions


Rewarded Actions are trackable events inside an app that can be used in campaigns. Each action has a description informing the user, what they must do to complete the offer.

Step 1: Configuring Rewarded Actions

  1. Choose Rewarded Actions as your Campaign type.
  1. Enter your Campaign Name (Title).
  2. Set up your Rewarded Actions.
    A New Action involves adding a Title for the Action, a description, and a short ActionID. An ActionId is composed of uppercase letters, numbers and underscore ([A-Z,0-9,_]).
  1. Choose your Countries, OS Versions, Device types and Connection Type for the targeting of your campaign.
  2. Enter your bid per install.
    The bid is one of the factors that determines the ranking of your campaign on our network.
  3. Add your Daily and Total Caps.
  4. Enter your tracking information.

Step 2: Selecting your Tracking Provider

  1. Select your tracking provider during offer creation in the tracking section. Save the Fyber AppID you will need it when setting up the integration on the tracking provider's dashboard.
  1. Enter the Click URL as provided to you by your tracking provider. For details on how to integrate with our supported tracking providers follow the link below.

Tracking Via Supported Partner

Never share your Fyber Appid with anyone, as it acts as our security token for the Attributed Install Postback and is used to identify you. Fyber cannot share this information with you in the Tracking URL during the click. You'll have to store it in your tracking provider solution.



Our default attribution time window is 60 days.

Before you can start your campaign, you must:

  • Complete your account information including billing details.
  • Add funds to your account. You can do this via Paypal or by contacting your Account Manager.



Before going live, you must send a test postback.
Copy paste the URL below and replace the appid value with the one you received for your action campaign in ACP and paste the URL in the browser:


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Setting Up Rewarded Actions

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